Tuesday, April 1, 2008

kurts not dead but punkin probably is....

sooooo…….having a great time. Cota folk are extremely hospitable and fun. Staying in one of their community houses with Matt, Corry and Pete, and they are looking after me admirably, also Karen keeps taking me out for cocktails and food, so no complaints.

Generally I’m just talking to folk about Cota, seeing how they do things, what their struggles are etc. Fremont, where Cota is based, is fantastic. It’s incredibly arty and accepting and Cota compliments the town very well - Providing a ‘Third Space’ with the Abbey for arts and community functions, as well as a church. As an arts venue – they have an event called ‘In The Round’. It was excellent, with last years Slam Poetry Champion – danny (see: myspace.com/metadanny) we need to get him at a cabaret when he makes it over to Britain.

Seattle is a great city. You feel the nearness of the mountains (which occasionally peek through the clouds), and I’ve already seen three eagles! Also it has an Erotic Bakery, so I’ll try and get along there and bring back some snacks for the next community meeting!

Ok. Best go. I want to work on some ‘video ikons’ for the Abbey today. Also I’m buzzing of the coffee I’ve just had. (If I didn’t have an addiction problem with Coffee before, I certainly do now!)

Much love to all.

Tim x

Oh, photo is of the sad story of Punkin the cat. Missing since August. Still missing in March…Personally, I’m not sure he’s coming back, but if you do see him, at least you know what to call him as the owner has helpfully underlined his name!