Monday, April 7, 2008

Breathing Space St Lukes

Some Mooters will remember that a while ago, I was on placement with St Lukes Church in North London, where I worked with Dave Tomlinson and others, to get their vision going for 'breathing space', for the church space to be used to promote Christian Spirituality.

Both Moot at Breathing Space are trying to address the issue of promoting Christian Spirituality to a post-Christian culture that is interested in spirituality rather than religion. I am really pleased to hear that things are progressing at Breathing Space.

As part of their events, Rob Pepper is running a monthly spirituality and art session as a form of meditation - at the cost of £5. So if you are in North London and around on the 16th April at 7.30pm to 9.30pm, look them up. Mooters please note this clashes with our preparations for the Mind Body & Spirit Festival where we need all hands on deck. I am posting this more for those who read this blog not connected to Moot. For more info on the Drawing Space event click the picture below