Monday, May 12, 2008

God & our Work - Gareth Powell

Last night was a bit of a little reunion. Gareth Powell came back to the Moot Eucharist to give the homily addressing the issue of God and Work. It was extremely good, and has been made available for podcast. If you have not subscribed to moot podcasts and want to hear it, click here
If you want to subscribe to Moot podcasts and hear it, then click here.
Personally I was challenged by Gareth's thoughts about vocation and work, and then thinking about work in the context of our Rhythm of Life. At last we have started to have live music, Dorethe and Trine led some Taize chants using the new piano - horraahh. Now we just need to sort out visuals! Good to see you Gareth, don't leave it too long before we see you again.